Are you bored because of writting too much Code?

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Being a web developer is a tough job. Learning coding isn’t enough unless you know how to be more productive, doing the task effectively but with less work. You need to be lazy to be a good developer. Learning tools which can automate your daily task is crucial. Let’s get to the point.

Want smooth Experience?

Using computer whole day is monotonous. Repeating same key, writing same HTML Tags, same CSS properties is cumbersome. Hand pain, wrist pain is common. Also, this is a frustrating world to work. But there is hope. We will go through the whole process by which you will achieve smooth computer experience for web development.

HTML: Writing same html Tag is boring. Use Extension like Emmet, Auto Rename tag, Duplicate Action, HTML snippets. These extensions will help you write less code and also less hard work for the same result.

CSS: Writing long CSS properties repeatedly is daunting. Suppose you have to write “margin-left: 15px”. You don’t have to write this. You can write “ml” and press enter and automatically it will be converted to “margin-left”. This IS called Zen coding. You can search Zen coding Cheat sheet online for all the shortcuts for Zen coding. Also use extensions like hex to rgba, intellisense, path intellisense for CSS.

JavaScript: Some extension’s like ES Lint, JavaScript (ES6), JS snippets can be used for productivity.

React: IF you are bored because of writing “import ReactDOM from “react” or other statements in react, then you have a magical solution. Use extension named “ES7 React”. This uses shortcuts for long statements.You have to write “imrd+enter key”. Then it will convert into “import ReactDOM from react”. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

Others: For beautifying code you can use extension like “prettier”. For keyboard shortcut use “VIM”. The most important thing to remember while writing code is that you have to know how to use shortcuts. You must know most useful windows shortcuts, google chrome shortcuts, vs code shortcuts. This shortcut will make you coding easier, smooth, less painful and comfortable.

Learning to use tools makes a difference between good and bad coder. Why should you fall behind?

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